My Current Projects

Tahiri Veila - Post Yavin 4, Pre Myrkr:

-Green jumpsuit

-Blue Force FX lightsaber (or a homemade hilt if I can't afford this)

-Fake scar kit (I'm actually going to make them at home, this blog post tells how)
-Utility belt: I will just use two basic, black belts, crossed over each other. Then I'll make all the pouches and clips and such.
-Belt Pouches (to be made)
-Lightsaber clip (optional, can also be a pager clip)

Jaina Solo:

-Olive green tank top
-Olive green skinny jeans
- Black knee high boots
-Black belt
-Altoid tins for belt attachments (spray paint them silver)
- Same lightsaber from Tahiri Veila - Post Yavin 4, Pre Myrkr costume. YES, I know Jaina's saber is violet, but do you know how much those suckers cost? Over a hundred.

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